algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi every body

please look at this post ! special the last one!

How i can draw these grids in GH?

Is There special component or plugin for drawing complex dighram ?
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Here is how I did it (all those years ago) - if you dont want to fuss with path mapping and list replacing, just pick n' choose.

Hi Michael,

thanks for the reply.

Just figuring out how the different ways to archieve this work.Now i saw 3 ways:

Pick and coose seems the simplest one in this case.


Sure. Also, you don't need to use cull duplicates there. Polyline will do it automatically (although the component will turn yellow, maybe that bothers some people)

ok, another thing i didnt knew, thanks

Thats great Hyungsoo Kim, i am working on something similar but the grid is placed in a rectangular shaped geometry. I noticed that on some values polyene and interpolate component give errors. Panel is showing that there are solitary points thats why polyline can't be drawn. Any clue how to overcome this problem? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for Reply

 Michae thanks for your answer and Links!

I tried something here 

I hope its considered Wooling path/Bundling or whatever its called






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