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Hi! I am new on grasshopper and i want to create polygone of same lenght with an angle of 30 degrees but i cannot find how to do on grasshopper... If anybody have an idea please tell me! thanks

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Do you mean a dodecagon?


If that's what you want specify 12 sides for the Polygon component.

There are three approaches that make sense to me, which one is best for you depends on what parts of this you want to be variable.

  1. Just use the polygon component. You'll have to convert your desired angle into a segment count.
  2. You can either start with a circle and divide it either into a integer number of segments (the corners of your polygon, but only if your corner angle divides 360 exactly), or into specific length segments for when you have a corner angle which doesn't fit neatly into 360 degrees. I guess the latter wouldn't really be a polygon since it wouldn't be fully symmetric, but maybe that doesn't matter in this case.
  3. You can set up a range (or series) of angles, then create points using polar coordinates. This way you have a lot of control over both the angle per segment and the amount of segments, but it's a bit harder to figure out exactly how many segments you need for a fully closed polygon.

There's probably other ways as well, but you'll need to be more specific about what exactly you're after.


How do you get 14 sides instead of 12 with a 30 degree angle?

I used a formual found here:

R = (a / 2) * csc(Pi / n) where 'a' = side length and 'n' = 360 / angle

I still don't know if this is what the OP is looking for?


woops, removing the NearestNumbers fixes it.






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