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Hello everyone,

Integrate Photovoltaic and Wind generators into your Honeybee models and make the design and financial analysis of renewable energy systems easier with the Beta release of Honeybee generation!

See an example work flow for designing, simulating and analysing a Photovoltaic system below.

Download a Grasshopper and Rhino example file:

See a quick introduction and tutorial videos here:

1. Select a building to mount a photovoltaic generator on (seen in Rhino in green). 

2. Select a surface within that building to mount a photovoltaic generator on (seen in Rhino in green).

3. Create a Honeybee context surface from that surface.

4. Place a photovoltaic generator on that Honeybee context surface by using the Honeybee generation component. Honeybee_Generator_PV and connecting the context surface to it's input _HBSurfaces. Then you can specify both the performance and the financial data of the photovoltaic generator.

5. Create a Honeybee generation system which consists of the photovoltaic generator in 4. By using the component Honeybee_generationsystem and connecting 4 to its input PVHBSurfaces_. Then you can specify the annual maintenance cost of this system.

6. Run the simulation in Energy Plus by connecting 5. to the input HBGenerators_.

7. Read the results of the simulation:

- The electricity produced by the Honeybee generation system in 5.

- The net purchased electricity of the facility (the Honeybee zone) to which the Honeybee generation system is attached to. This is the electricity consumed by the facility less the electricity generated by the Honeybee generation system.

- The financial costs of the Honeybee generation system; capital, maintenance and replacement costs.

8. Calculate the net present cost of the Honeybee generation system in 5 assuming a 25 year lifetime.

9. Visualise the net present cost.

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Dear Anto,

I posted a question about the absence of the "percentage of surface area" option in the latest Generator PV component:

Hope you can kindly advise.

Thank you very much!

Hi Anton,

I posted an issue about Honeybee Generation without Lighting Output:

Hope you could give me a hand.

Thank you in advance.







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