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Dear all,

I am creating a custom tool for calculating only design heating and cooling loads.

I am not working on energy modelling. I would like to analyze the peak heating and cooling loads for a specific period (i.e. winter season, summer season) in order to design the HVAC systems).

How can I model it correctly? Do you have some suggestion?

Thank you,


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Hi, Riccardo!

There are several examples on how to put an energy model together and for the specific period you can use AnalsysisPeriod input. Is your question about finding winter/summer season?



This playlist is a little old but I would recommend starting here:

This shows you how to set up an ideal air simulation with Honeybee.  The results of the simulation will contain peak heating and cooling loads for the space.


Thanks Chris and Mostapha,

I watched some of the tutorials but I didn't see what I am looking for. i will check better.

I am trying to not do an energy modelling simulation, but just the heating/cooling loads (in Watt, not kWh) for a design day in order to design the HVAC systems we need.

These are typically called 'ASHRAE loads'.

Thanks for your support.



I understand.  You mean that you want to do a Sizing Calculation.  The OpenStudio component does this calculation before they start every energy simulation in order to size the HVAC properly.  You can get the value in Watts out of this calculation by parsing the .eio file like so:

You see that you can also specify a custom Design Day file using the EnergySimPar component if you don't want to use the ddy file that comes with the epw.

I hope this helps!



Fantastic! This is exactly what I needed.

Sorry if I come back to you so late.

What if I would like to know the day where the load is calculated (for the cooling period?).

If we would want the latent load too?


Moreover, I have a very big issue: I have updated all files with the last updated sources and the analyses don't work (before the update they were ok).

This is the message:

1. Failed to find Medium Office Infil Quarter On in the Honeybee schedule library.

It is just connecting the zone to the OS button.



I have then updated the master template, but now all honeybee doen't work

1. Failed to load EP constructions! You won't be able to run analysis with Honeybee!
Download the files from address below and copy them to: C:\Users\IT0014\AppData\Roaming\Ladybug\

I have copied all the files but still this the result



It looks like you broke something in you template file (OpenStudioMasterTemplate.idf).  Delete this file and open a new GH file where you drag/drop the HB_HB onto the canvas and the component will download a fixed version of this template.

All of the outdoor conditions on the design day are contained within the .ddy file that is next to the EPW that you are running.  If you need all of the results from the sizing calculation on the design day, you can check out the "inZsz.csv" that is output after running the simulation.  This file is right next to the result csv file and the eio file that contains all of the final sizing information for all HVAC equipment.

We don't have any Honeybee components that are specifically meant to parse this output file but you can open any csv file in excel or bring its contents into GH using the native GH Read File component.


Hi Chris,

forgot to thank you.

I have another big issue with my friend Marco, reported in this question - we have not received a suggestion at the moment: can I ask you a comment?







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