algorithmic modeling for Rhino

have a problem to get a triangle envelope from kangaroo

hi all, I have a problem about my algorithm

I want to have a envelope with triangle panels that consists façade and ceiling (that hold with columns), something like the picture I attached below.

I create a surface with lofting a few control points curve, then set that to surface in gh file that I attached above, but its not working well, I'll be so thankful if anyone can help.



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Hi Pooria,

In your definition there are several components connected with the wrong data types, and you have 2 different unrelated grid systems, yet you use the lengths of one for the edges of the other, even though they have different counts.

It's also not clear how your definition or description relate to the image, which appears to be some sort of double layer hexagonal/triangular space-frame with membrane patches attached, while your definition just has length goals applied to a single rectangular grid, and loads applied directly to some unconnected anchors.

Also, when you have an image from another project like this, it is usually helpful to give some context where it comes from, as that will often give some clues as to how to achieve the same result.

Probably better to take a step back and try and figure out more clearly the exact steps of what you are trying to achieve...

thanks Daniel for your reply

I don't want a two layer space frame , I just wanna a one layer hexagonal/triangular that can move with firefly and I can select each part of that to work on my responsive envelope design.

if u have any correction in my codes, it will be so helpful.






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