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I watched the tutorial on Liquid Tectonics about making a connection between excel and grasshopper. I tried it myself but I can't get a connection from excel to grasshopper. I tried different OS (vista/xp) and different grasshopper versions. But i can't find the problem. Could excel 2007 be the problem? I can make a connection to excel 2007 with maxscript but not with VB.

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hi Bram

the problem is inside excel 2007. so if you try 2003 you will have no problem

Hi to]
is it possible that problem is OS- vista?
The connection to excel 2007 is something that I haven't gotten a chance to really investigate yet. I only have 2003 here, so any details you can give me about what you're seeing (or not seeing) and where any errors occur with 2007 would be helpful. My initial research into differences between excel 2003 and 2007 didn't really come up with much (this page was the best I found), so it looks like I need to get my hands on excel 2007 and see what needs to be updated.
I tried your instant update with a point and that is working, if I change a value in excel rhino is redrawing. but grasshopper doesn't have anything to do with this interaction. In grasshopper I just get 1 NULL value and no errors...
I think the libraries are the problem, maybe grasshopper needs to import Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel

Thanks for the fast replies
Thanks for the info Bram. I was actually more worried about the change event, so I'm glad that's not busted. I looked at that link you posted and there might be something in there that will help me track this down. From the initial looks of it, the connection does need to be done differently. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try this out next week and see if I can get to the bottom of it.
i get the same problem using excel 2003

1 NULL value and no errors

i just reinstaled rhino gh and excel, but still the same thing
I get this problem too with excel 2003
Me too.. It still does not work for me. A = null

Windows XP SP3
Microsoft Office 2003 SP3
Rhino 4.0 SR5b
Grasshopper 0.6.0012

Any idea?






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