algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hey guys, I've gotten touchOSC to work with the prebuilt ghowl component.


But when I use mrmr, it's giving me issues. I'm using the 1337 port, (so i changed the ghowl component to receive that), but i'm getting only two outputs.


A string message (as branch 0) and an x/y co ordinate (as branch 1).


Problem is, it's not splitting the x and y co-ordinate into two seperate values, but just putting them into the same one, in an alternating fashion. So my object will jump from 300 to 45 (because 300 was x and 45 was y).


Any suggestions on splitting these? 



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Sebastian was using mrmr for something else, maybe this will help someone find an answer for my problem. :(

the 1st branch, is giving me a string, that is either 3dx or 3dy, so I'm assuming i have to create a boolean component, and split it if branch one is 3dx, send branch two to x, if 3dy, send branch 2 to y....
This shit is so cool, btw.
Can't test strings for equality.... Can I... only integers... fml.

Hey Oleg,


Please post some screenshots.  I dont have my iPod with me, but I can prob help you if you show me what is going on with some images.





K, so right now the two list item commands are set to 1, and 2 (it's expecting an x and a y, and i'm assuming 0 was supposed to be the string) so I haven't changed those because the problem doesn't lie in there.


However, when you look at the panel up above them, you can see, that all data is coming in at list item 1, and it's just alternating between x and y (and z in this case - no idea why)



Hello Oleg,

The behavior you are seeing is because the information is all being sent at the same time...mrmr formats each value separately, so AccelerometerX and AccelerometerY come in as separate messages.  You can use the OSCDispatch and OSCChannel Components to store these.  Check out the attached definition.




cool, seperating it worked, but mrmr gives me weird lag in the x and y, must be something wrong with their system i guess, touchosc worked fine. Thanks alot for the short notice help.



Yeah, I am not sure why they separate these values out.  TouchOSC sends them in one string...


No prob about the help.  Let us know what you are working on when you get the chance!



For sure! The project's secret until development is done, but I'll be sure to post it up as soon as it's ready.


And again, thanks a lot for the help, you guys are really doing some inspiring things.








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