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I'm creating IfcGrids into an empty model - there's no other geometry in the model, but the grid lines themselves get represented as extruded lines that are 2mm thick.

Any ideas how to get rid of these?

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Hi Pekka,

Can you please clarify?  Where (which application) do you import the IFC grids and they get represented as an extrusion.

If you import them back into an empty rhino file, you should see curves generated.



This is when opening the .ifc in Solibri (SMC) - I get the grids displayed correctly, but also a set of these extruded lines high above the actual grid planes, that are also identified as IfcGrids.

Importing back into Rhino, they only appear as lines with text dots at the ends. So I may have something wonky in the ifc, that messes up Solibri?
Still, there's a discrepancy in the Rhino import - the grid seem to have moved up in elevation, to match the bottom height of a test box that have in the ifc with them - in all other software the grids are at the specified planes starting from 0 with 3000 mm intervals, with the test box at +10 000 mm.

Testing in other software: The extruded grid lines don't show up in Simplebim, BC Zoom (Bimsight won't even open the file). Archicad and Revit open the ifc fine without any errors and display the grids.






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