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generate text and use outlines in grasshopper... is it possible?

Hello everyone, I absolutely need a component as txtlines by Giulio Piacentino, but it no longer runs on the latest version 0.9 ...
Is there any way to generate text and to could then work on its contour lines?
The text-tag do not produce usable output in grasshopper.

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Hi Secondsky,

This is my version of Giulio's script in Python and should be fine with the latest Grasshopper iteration. You should have the latest Python component installed though. You can download the Python component from this link: (

Hope it helps,



Grasshopper report a problem:

But i downloaded the last version

You will also need to Run Rhino 5 for Python to work

:-( ... i've just rhino 4... no way?

oops! I should have asked you about your Rhino version... Sorry about that! :(

Here's a script that gets you text outlines built in v 0.9. Should work just fine in Rhino 4.


How does the font type works, can i use any font that i have installed on the computer or there are given fonts that i can use ?






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