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I am trying to show the multiple iterative models that are created in the early progressions of Galapagos.  Is there a way that I can bake each of those without having to re rub Galapagos every time?


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Use a Data Recorder; connect it to the slider or gene pool. You could also connect a recorder and panel to the fitness parameter (in the component, not in Galapagos) and then export it to Excel and do some interesting statistical analysis.

The panels are going to get flooded with data. This makes me wonder, is there a limit to the amount of indices a panel can have?

This works fine, but like you said it does not give me specific generations, it simply gives me them all.  And even after I have the data I still have to go in and change the sliders to each iteration   Is there not a simpler way of maybe just baking an entire generation of models?



If you want to select generations you could use partition list, select the branch and then select the items which would replace the component's sliders. 

Try the Galapagos Listener:

You can use it to write all slider/ fitness combinations into Excel. Afterwards you can sort the results based on fitness and use the recorded slider values to reconstruct the best iterations. A sample file on how to do (almost) this is included in the download for TTToolbox.






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