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Hi every body

i have a list of numbers, for example like the list in the file and i want to extract the indexes of specific items. i tried index item component but it didn't work.

thanks for any help

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You want [Member Index]. [Item Index] is an awkward component which doesn't test for value equality but memory equality. So instead of comparing two numbers to see if they have the same value it compares two numbers to see if they are stored in the same location in memory.

[Item Index] does two things that [Member Index] can't:

  1. It works on all data types, not just simple ones.
  2. It can differentiate between different instances with the same value.

These are features though you will rarely need.


David Rutten

Tirol, Austria

It worked.

thanks Mr Rutten.

Thanks ! Big help...

Thank you for saving me so much time, this was really helpful! <3





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