algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I am trying to recreate the Enneper surface seen in the image below...

I admit right off the bat that I have no clue how to achieve this. I was playing with the lunchbox plugin and researched algorithms from, but did not get anywhere. Does anybody know how I can deform the typical enneper wing to something more pointed as seen below. 

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Juan... I would like to see the definition you came up with as well. If you don't mind could you share it here? Thanx Oliver

Here is the script

Taking it a step further. Does anyone here have the skill to animate one of these surfaces in Kangaroo? To imitate what Daniel Wurzel does with fabric and air?

I once occupied an entire afternoon watching a plastic bag float up and down in a vortex formed by several office buildings on Water Street in NYC. I didn't mention it to anyone else because I doubted they'd share my enthusiasm and because I didn't want to point out that was how I was spending my time. It wasn't quite as elegant as what Daniel Wurzel does but its path did extend over four stories up and about ten feet in either direction. It wasn't a one-time occurrence either; the spot was an attractor for plastic bags whose gyrations only ended when they'd finally get caught in a tree.

Very good story






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