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I have been trying to code a number of components using GHPython, which involve a BooleanIntersect operation.  As the attached file shows, I have been getting desperate by trying out a bunch of different ways of performing the operation.  Most of my attempts to perform booleanIntersect with RhinoCommon or Rhinoscript do not succeed (apparently from the finicky-ness of BooleanIntersect).

I have, however, found one way of getting the correct result but it is quite possibly one of the most cumbersome and clumsy ways of doing it (see the image and the GH file attached).  I essentially need to write the geometry into the Rhino scene, pass the GUID out of the python component and through a brep component, and into another python component that performs the BooleanIntersect.  I was tempted to just wrap all of this up into a cluster component and distribute it but thought that this is probably not how the creators of Grasshopper and GHPython envisioned my using their interface

Still, I may be forced to do this if it is the only way to get a successful BooleanIntersect operation for the time being.  Please let me know if there is any hope of this issue getting cleared up in the near-future.

Thank you,

Chris Mackey

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Hi Chris,

A couple of things happen when you add a Brep to Rhino document (during a typical modeling session).

1.) Any Brep faces with creases are split into G1 pieces.

2.) If the Brep's solid orientation is inward, then it is flipped.

If these two conditions do not apply to your Breps, then bake them to the document and then run the BooleanIntersection command.

If the command fails, then we know Rhino (not Grasshopper) is having the issue. Report this problem to either our technical support staff ( or post the issue in our Discourse discussion forum.

If the command succeeds then the problem with with Grasshopper and/or RhinoCommon. What really helps (me and others) is to have a clean Grasshopper solution that replicates the problem. I notice that your last solution included LadyBug. Many of us developers do not have all of the add-ons. It is much easier for us to debug issues without other dependencies.


-- Dale

Thank you for responding, Dale.  You are right that this is an issue where Rhino is failing and not grasshopper.  My attempt to BooleanUnion the solids in Rhino yields the result "Boolean Union Failed."  I will post to the discourse discussion forum.







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