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When I search for 'Data between Definitions' GeometryBin seems to be the only relevant answer. I guess GeometryBin also exists because there is no way to get another definition's result, but I need to ask... Can a definition read from other definitions' sticky or something like that? Or can one definition send data to another definition?

And, if not (probably...) are there any other options than GeometryBin in order to share data between definitions? Has anyone ever tried to set up a local server like MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, etc. as kind of postal box?

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If it is within the same Rhino instance/session, using sticky is probably the easiest approach.

Indeed, you can quickly accidentally break the declarative DAG-based logic which Grasshopper is based on this way. Tread carefully ;)

Look into Flux it was show cased at the GH User meeting in London last Monday. Looked promising! Also you are not restricted by location.

If you are interested in transferring geometry between GH scripts, Lunchbox has a component for that.

Slingshot could also be a solution.

Often I just write the data from one script into files and load them back into another GH script. Not super handy but it works fine.

If you use Ladybug/Honeybee, they also have components that can handle their data.  

You can also check out Treesloth's Pack and Unpack components.





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