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i need to be able to create a tangent arc between two curves inflection points. see attached.



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i'm pretty sure now that its not necessarily an arc that i want.
hi William,

maybe there is a chance to trim the curves at the point where the curvature changes and blend the two curves (curvature). the result should not be an arc.

thankyou for your reply.
how do i determine the point that the curvature changes? i can eyeball it with the curvature circle tool, but is there a way to do this accurately?

i would use the curvature-analysis tool.
where the curvature graph jumps on the other side, there is the curvature change.

but how to evaluate this point? hm...

hi guys

attached the inflection-point solver ghx
just reference a curve


thanks to david for the rewrite of the solver

today i´m having a big need to evaluate some inflection-points and therefore i digged out this old thread and downloaded your ghx-def.

but unfortunatly the def identifies just 2 inflection-pts, one at the start of the curve an done at the end.

i used the curvature-graph to check this and there shoul be many more than two.

i´m using grashopper 0.7.0030


Hi, I am facing the same problem right now, I want to find the inflection points and also the peak points of a curve, I downloaded your file, but seems that if I try to use it for more than one curve at the time it goes crazy,do you think you can help me with this? I am just starting to learn grasshopper so this is out of my league right now, this seems to be an old discussion still hope you can read this message.

Thanks a lot!

I just updated the dotnet version of david's inflection finder to rhinocommon for a project and figured I would share it here.  

The plugin will add a component to the curve/analysis tab called inflection solver.  


Hi Walter,

Thank you for this it will be very useful.

Can I suggest you move it along to the next Panel in the Curve Tab as it makes more sense to search for it there.

Danny, sorry for the long delay, I saw your reply and then totally spaced.  Attached is a version that should land on the division tab.  To me the analysis tab makes sense, but no harm in putting both options out there.







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