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Creating 1-click presets for multiple slider values?

Dear all I am pretty new to grasshopper though I must say I am getting the hang of it pretty quickly! Great plugin which is easy to use! However there is something I would like to incorporate in my model which I haven't figured out yet and I have no idea if it's even possible..

I made a parametric model and I have multiple sliders which control it. However, I want to create presets for certain settings in the model. So when I select the preset (preferably with a button click) all the sliders get set to certain predetermined values.

For instance..
Preset A:
Slider 1 value = 2.4
Slider 2 value = 3.2
Slider 3 value = 4
Slider 4 value = 2.4

Preset B:
Slider 1 value = 3.4
Slider 2 value = 4.2
Slider 3 value = 2
Slider 4 value = 4

If anyone can help me out I would be much appreciative!

Thank in advance.

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try SAVE STATE (and RESTORE STATE) in the SOLUTION menu...
If these are your predetermined values, you could save each group in a 'Number' Component (right click, set multiple numbers) and then use the 'list item' to extract the values one at a time. Link up an integer slider from 0-3 to switch through these values.





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