algorithmic modeling for Rhino

I've been trying to create a custom component which takes three tangents as a vector and creates a circle from that. I didn't succeed :-(
but I know it must be possible since Rhino has this feature in the circle commands. I just don'T know how to access it via .Net

I was wondering if someone could help me?

Thanks in advance

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that feature isn't exposed. In fact, this is not possible, you cannot define a circle with 3 tangents. You can define a circle through 3 points (provided they are not coincident and not colinear), and you can define a circle through two points and a single tangent. I think the command in Rhino you are referring to is the option in _Circle which creates a circle tangent to three existing curves?

I do not think that function is exposed, and I can tell you it's incredibly difficult to get that work, especially if you have no mouse-picks to guide you towards the correct solution.

David Rutten
Poprad, Slovakia
If you mean tangent to 3 lines then this is a special case of Apollonius' problem

In general there are 4 solutions - an incircle and 3 excircles. Here's a def I made a while back to solve this that you might find useful:
Thank you both.
There really is a lot of math behind these very easy klicks in Rhino.

I guess I for now will try to use the Apollonius Problem solution and will work on that. Thanks for sharing your GHX.







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