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Hello, I would like to request some assistance in converting the following RhinoScript written by Dale Fugier into a VB Script in Grasshopper. This RhinoScript works great for converting text objects into curves, and so I would like to use within Grasshopper. 

I would really appreciate if anyone well versed in RhinoScript/VB.Net Syntax would be kind enough to help out.


Thank you for reading this.


' ConvertTextToGeometry.rvb -- September 2008 

' If this code works, it was written by Dale Fugier. 

' If not, I don't know who wrote it. ' Works with Rhino 4.0.


Option Explicit


Sub ConvertTextToGeometry    

' Declare local variables   

Dim obj_list, obj, saved_plane, cmd   

Dim font, height, plane, style, text, bold, italic


' Select annotation objects   

obj_list = Rhino.GetObjects("Select text to convert to geometry", 512, True, True)   

If Not IsArray(obj_list) Then Exit Sub


' For speed, turn of screen redrawing   

Call Rhino.EnableRedraw(False)


' Save the current construction plane   

saved_plane = Rhino.ViewCPlane()


' Process each selected object   

For Each obj In obj_list


' Weed out just the text objects     

If Rhino.IsText(obj) Then


' Acquire the text parameters       

font = "<single_stroke_font_name>"       

height = Rhino.TextObjectHeight(obj)       

plane = Rhino.TextObjectPlane(obj)       

style = Rhino.TextObjectStyle(obj)     

text = Rhino.TextObjectText(obj)


If (style And 1) Then         

bold = "_Yes"       


bold = "_No"       

End If        


If (style And 2) Then       

 italic = "_Yes"     


italic = "_No"     

End If        


' Set the current construction plane       

Call Rhino.ViewCPlane(, plane)      


' Add a new text object (geometry)       

cmd = "_-TextObject "     

cmd = cmd & "_GroupOutput=_Yes "       

cmd = cmd & "_FontName=" & font & " "       

cmd = cmd & "_Italic=" & italic & " "       

cmd = cmd & "_Bold=" & bold & " "       

cmd = cmd & "_Height=" & CStr(height) & " "       

cmd = cmd & "_Output=_Curves "       

cmd = cmd & "_AllowOpenCurves=_Yes "       

cmd = cmd & Chr(34) & text & Chr(34) & " "       

cmd = cmd & "0"       

Call Rhino.Command(cmd, 0)        


' Delete the original object       

Call Rhino.DeleteObject(obj)      


End If   



' Restore the saved construction plane         

Call Rhino.ViewCPlane(, saved_plane)    


' Enable screen redrawing   

Call Rhino.EnableRedraw(True)  


End Sub











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I was looking for a way to do this myself and just ran across Dale's script.  Unfortunately it did not run in Rhino 5.  Did you test the Rhinoscript in 4 or 5?  Anyway, if you manage to get a VB component working, please let me know... I would definitely be interested in it myself.






I am wondering if you made any progress with this request because I am interested in it.






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