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Join us in congratulating David Rutten who won a ACADIA 2012 "Innovative Research Award" on Saturday night in San Francisco. Over 400 enthusiastic ACADIA Awards Dinner attendees cheered as David's Acceptance Speech was projected in the nave of the CCA / California College of the Arts. Congrats David!!!

Quoting the Press Release:

The selection of David Rutten for the award in Innovative Research recognizes his profound impact to architecture and computation as the developer of the Logical Modeling plug-in, Grasshopper, for the Rhinoceros 3D CAD application. Grasshopper has been pivotal to the transformation of parametric design practices over the past five-plus years.

The Grasshopper environment is notable for empowering its users to generate behaviors and associations in digital models without the need to know conventional scripting techniques. Through the creation of this program, as well as Galapagos, he has made parametric design and system optimization easily accessible, and usable, to thousands of academics and practitioners. Mr. Rutten is known among his peers for being remarkably generous with his time. He provides continuous assistance to Grasshopper users through his tireless involvement on the Grasshopper blog and has remained actively supportive of the ACADIA community for many years.

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Absolutely well desrved, David. Thank you for opening the window, thank you for opening the door, and thank you for opening up all the frontiers for so many people.


You designed the right tool for most of the jobs (and that is innovative research).

Grats David !

As so many others have already stated... thank you for all of the work you have put into Grasshopper. It has helped so many of us explore and realize ideas without traditional programing skills.  The interface is so beautiful your commitment to your users shows through.

Thanks again!

Incredible work, makes the award a "whatever", with the progress gh makes day by day, you could be honored quite more often.

My respects

I think causality demands it was for the programming :)


David Rutten

Poprad, Slovakia


Congratulations and thanks for all your doing !


Next award: best acceptance speech :D

Congratulations David and many thanks!!!

Congratulations David! We would probably need about a hundred such awards to even start acknowledging the true impact Grasshopper has had in our lives!

Congratulations David,

I am grateful to have joined you and all of you during this (Grasshopper) episode, though sometimes only marginally . Thanks.

Congratulations on the award David!
Grasshopper is a wonderful software and has made ​​a remarkable research community!






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