algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all, love what's going on in this video with image based circle packing:

Does anybody have a clue on how it's done or where to find the definition?

Best, Easymatic

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You could try turning off the COFF loading option in  (type GrasshopperDeveloperSettings the Rhino command line and uncheck the top box)

Thanks for trying to find a solution to my problem, I try to uncheck the COFF but it still does not work, I have a problem when I connect the C# element to the Solver element. 

The element on mesh works but when I add the C#, I have this error message.

Solution exception:Unable to cast object of type 'ImageSizedCircleCollide' to type 'KangarooSolver.IGoal'.

When you set the assembly reference location for the custom goal script, it is important that you select the same copy of KangarooSolver.dll that is being loaded by Grasshopper. Usually this will be in the location you get to from the Grasshopper menu File>Special Folders>Components Folder.

If for example you selected instead a copy of KangarooSolver.dll in your downloads folder or on your desktop then it won't work.

I loaded KangarooSolver.dll at the very beginning when I installed Kangaroo but since it asks me nothing. Where is that I can change this now. But I think it is in the right place. Thank you again for your help.

First copy the folder path from File>Special Folders>Components Folder.

Then in the definition right click the C# component and select Manage Assemblies. Delete the copy that is there, then select Add, then paste in the folder path you copied earlier. Then select the copy of KangarooSolver that is in there.

Thanks for the tip, but that change anything, I always have the same mistake.

Did you close and reopen Rhino after doing this?


Sorry It's work well right now

Thanks you again for your time.

Hi Daniel,

I am working with this definition but I am having some issues with C# as well. I keep getting Error (CS0012)'System.Drawing.Color'

When I right click on the C# node I am not able to manage the assemblies, just nothing happens. Any guidance or suggestions would be appreciated! 

Running Rhino 5.5.2 on Mac.







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