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I wanted to put it out there that I have been working on a grasshopper plugin to read gbXML files.  This came about because at work I wanted to streamline the process of transferring Revit geometry into Rhino and simplifying it for DIVA analysis.  gbXML seemed like a good way to do that.  So that being said, the plugin currently only uses a small portion of the gbXML schema to transfer basic geometry.  I would be interested in feedback as I am sure there are bugs.


I'm also going to use chameleon as a container for other useful things I develop in the future.


You can download the plugin at the link below.  Installation instructions and an example are included.


Hiroshi Jacobs


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Hiroshi, this looks really useful! Congrats and thanks!
Thanks buddy. Let me know if you find any issues.

Nice work!

But I am wondering when do you need that transfer from Revit to Rhino?

Hi Daniel, thanks!  To answer your question, typically when we run analysis like DIVA we find it's best to analyze a model with as few faces as possible.  The more faces, the longer analysis takes. Exporting native Revit geometry straight into Rhino brings thousands and thousands of faces that we don't really need for accurate analysis.  So we were looking for a way to use the Revit geometry we already had, but bring it into Rhino in a simplified version.  

Alright, I get the workflow of simplify the geometry and then using Diva. But for daylighting the workflow Revit to 3ds is cute good because 3ds is using the same material library so you dont need to assign materials all over.

Unfortunately we don't have licenses of 3ds in the office.  We do have Rhino and DIVA is free, so that's probably why.  It's good to branch out from the rigid Autodesk workflow sometimes.  My hope is that someone with more imagination than me is able to use this for something it wasn't intended for.  That is what is great about Grasshopper in general.

UPDATE:  I added some additional components to control the viewport camera.

(Beta) 0.1.1

1. Added Isometric View component
2. Added Animate Camera component
3. Added Set Camera component

Hmm, sorry I'm not sure what the problem is, the link works for me.  I am trying to upload the file here.

It works fine now. Maybe it was just a bad time i tried.

hey hi .. can we have a export gbxml plugin ??

Me alegro que estes trabajando en una conexion con revit !

Creo que seria muy bueno lograr una conexion bilateral con Revit . No soy programador pero se que es un gran desafio. Saludos y exitos !

I should be able to use this very well. thanks Hiroshi~






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