algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi Mostapha,

Looks like I'll be doing some environmental solar analysis on a project, so I thought that I would give your tools a try. I just checked out the videos and they look very impressive! Really cool of you to provide the whole thing as open sourced Python components. Congrats on a great job :)

I just have a few questions about preparing the input geometry for analysis. In my case study I think I shall mainly be using the "Ladybug_Sunlight Hours Analysis" and "Ladybug_Radiation Analysis" components to drive the geometry of a shading system. I apologize if these questions are obvious or have already been answered (I did check out the previous posts beforehand):

1) Units, which would be the best modelling unit to work with (I assume Meter, but you never know)?

2) Model, I can use either Brep or Mesh as input. But if I want explicit control over the grid size/analysis faces I guess I should use a mesh right?

3) Mesh, if one only wants to analyse a specific part of the building envelope, would it make sense to have the rest of the envelope be "context"?

4) Mesh, is the analysis only performed on the front mesh faces (the side where the normals are pointing)?

5) Mesh, would it make sense to have each glass pane be a quad face (I assume the test points correspond to either mesh vertices or face centers)?

Hope this makes any sense, I'm a bit new to the whole "environmental analysis" world. Be gentle :)



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Nice catch! The same happens for view and sunlight hour analysis. 3*Thank you! :)






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