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Baking geometry from different branches into different layers?

I have a tree with a couple of branches in it. Each branch has a few lines.

Is there a way to bake this lines, but according to the branches they belong?

For example, all lines from the branch {0;0} will be baked in layer "1", all lines from branch {0;1} will be baked in layer "2", and so on...

I guess this may be a question for Giulio Piacentino's "bakeattributes" component?

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Replies to This Discussion could make that with lunchbox without problems. Just organize layers names in the same tree structure that data you want to bake in.

The same answer applies to Giulio's BakeAttributes. Same Path Structure for both Layer Names and Objects. This is where the Entwine Component comes in handy.

Thank you for the replies.
Danny I do not want to use Entwine, as I would need to manually plug in it every time, I change the number of my branches. Or am I wrong?

How do you want to create a layer name?



Box3 etc

Well I was think of some way to pre-create those layer names too, based on a particular number I get from the grasshopper definition.

But I think maybe I could Concatenate those numbers with Box1, Box2, Box3 for example.

So yes, can you you show me how the way, with those Box1, Box2, Box3 layer names?

Angel thank you for the video.

I have just checked the video you gave me, and that is not what I am looking for.

On that example, the author is manually connecting each object to a bake component, and manually adding a new layer for that object.

I want to have somehow an automated process which will bake different layers for different number of  branches imported into bake component. Not to manually edit the bake component inputs each time I change the number of my objects (branches).

Is that possible?

It's the same and possible...only create text concatenating data extracted from your components...But first you have to think about what data do you want to convert into layer information...

Hey djordje,

Is this what you are after? ( I was just building this definition when I read your post)

Thank you for the reply Ramonster.

That is what I am looking for, but without the "Entwine" component.

Can it even be done without "Entwine" component?

Because in the solution you presented I will have to manually adjust the "Entwine" inputs each time I change the number of my objects (branches), right?

Is there a way I do not need to change this "Entwine" inputs each time, or not to use Entwine component at all?

Here's an example of somethings you could use to generate different layer/object names.

My bakeAttributes didn't work in the new version but maybe you will have better luck


Thank you for the file Danny.

I am still working in 0.8.0066 version, and when I open your file in it, most of the connections between the components are gone.

Hi Djordje,

The Entwine component is just my way of building the data tree. This principle should work on any data tree. The 'Param Viewer' component is used to determine the number of branches in the tree (can be any number) and layer names are created accordingly by concatenating a series of numbers to a layer name prefix.






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