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How can I apply a displacement maps to Meshes for 3D printing?

example: I want to create an embossed pattern that wraps around the surface of a simple wine glass, using a displacement map.

Then save the wine glass with the embossed pattern geometry for 3D printing. How would I do that in GH?

The following pic shows the process in Maya.Note: the traditional use of Displacement maps is for rendering, such as the pic of the Head, where it is used as an opacity map.

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The entire ZBrush interface is shown in a single tall image, here:

Hi Kim - since you are planning on using 3D printing to make your design I'd like to suggest an alternative approach: Make the basic part (the glass in your case) one part, and then make the bumps (or whatever other decoration you want) as a separate part. Then, when you print, you can combine the 2 parts and they will print as one. 

A second benefit of this approach is that you can print with 2 different colors and/or type of filaments. (Of course this assumes your printer has dual extruders.) So your basic shape (the glass) could be one color (perhaps transparent) and the decorations could be a totally different (and perhaps non-transparent) color. 

The 2 photos show a small table lamp that has 2 such parts; the images are from Simplify3D which does a nice job of handling 2-color prints.

Hi Birk - thanks for your suggestion. :)

Rhino itself has ApplyDisplacement to bake a displacement map and create a mesh from a model.

Along with the ability to edit maps, it may be useful.






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