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I'm new to Kangaroo2 and Grasshopper, so I'm just getting set up to create custom goals. I've primarily programmed in Python before, but I'm guessing that custom Python scripts in grasshopper are incompatible with Kangaroo2, so I'll be using C#.

My questions are as follows:

Can an alternative IDE to Visual Studio be used to create/compile C# scripts to create Grasshopper components? I usually use Sublime Text 3.

Can Kangaroo2 goals be written as directly editable C# scripts using the C# script component in Grasshopper, or does it need to be a compiled file?

I've looked through some of the getting started tutorials, but some of the information is way outdated, and the Grasshopper SDK help requires Visual Studio installation for creation of components.

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Last time I checked (a few months ago) there was some kind of integration between atom and GH (I think for python and only on mac unfortunately, but this could change, as many people liked the idea). So I can suggest searching it up with these key words.

You can define custom Kangaroo2 goals using both the C# Script component and the Python Component. However, for best performance, using Visual Studio and compile your code as gha is the way to go.

Daniel Piker provides scripting examples using C# Component

He also open sourced most of the built-in goals:

For Python, check out these examples by Anders Deleuran

Thanks for the tips! Do you have the most recent version of ghpython installed? I've put the component in my components folder (ghpython2.gha), but even though it is unblocked as far as I can tell, no component or menu with this new component is showing up in grasshopper after restarting Rhino and Grasshopper. Can you tell me what the component should be called/where it should appear in the menus? I can only find "Python Script".







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