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Hi everyone,

I've been searching for a way to import my own profile sections in structdrawrhino and ssi. While I can import my sections into the library, ssi complains that "Section 1 not recognized and is not considered!". The section is thus also not drawn. The same error message pops up when importing the supplied "userExample" profiles.

Do I need to add structural properties myself? if so, how is that done? Or is this feature not yet implemented, and can I only draw sections in SDR?

The reason I'm asking is because the section properties for the Europrofile HE beams are incorrect, and because I need some sections for cables.

Who can help? :)


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Hi Michael,

Can you please advise which HE dimensions are wrong?  I will fix them ASAP.

Do you know you can use strings to define typical shapes (or there are profile components for some simple shapes in structDrawRhino, refer below).  For example, a 50mm diameter cable could be defined as attached (50ROUND)

You can also wire (curves into the profile generating components).

The user profile library needs some improvements and was created prior to Grasshopper.  I would advise embedding the profile into the gh definition in one of the above methods, so that it will open on any computer (without necessitating a currently library model and maybe not require an associated rhino document).  I will gladly add to recognized convention, I've recently been incorporating the TEKLA conventions into the plugin.

Hope it helps, let me know if you have questions or suggestions.


Hi Jon,

At least the HE200A section is wrong. It has the wrong sectional area. This is also the case for SHS200x200x10. I imagine others could be wrong then too... I use this database, maybe it is helpful to you as well.

As for your attached solution, SDR draws the sections quite well, but unfortunately, SSI doesn't send the right (actually it doesn't send any) information to Oasys GSA when I want to do a structural analysis. Instead, in my case, SSI uses the sectional properties of another group of beams (I separated sectional properties for cables and struts in my model).

The error reported by GSA is: "Error in Elements: beam section is undefined. Elements: 1 to 120"


Hi Michael,

I'm looking at this, I'll add some improvements so that the library profile can be called up in GSA, I'll post shortly when I have it working for you to test.



Great! Looking forward to it :D






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