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A working waffle script for the current GH release?

Hello everyone :)

I'm new to GH and I have been trying to create a waffle structure for laser cutting and I have tried all the different versions I have found and it seems non of them are fully compatible with the current release? Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I have attached my Surface file if anyone wants to take a look :-)

I have also Attached an image showing what I'm trying to accomplish! I need to build a real life model, my idea is something similar to:
but i want to hide the waffle structure on both sides.

I hope someone can help me :)

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Why don't you just roll back to an earlier GH version?

GH 0.6.0059

GH 0.7.0057
Hey Taz,
I thought about this, but I haven't been able to find the old releases anywhere - is there a roll back feature within GH?

The 2nd part of my challenge with the extra notches is the waffle parts, do you think it's doable within GH for a noob like me, or should I do this manually when I have created the waffle structure - maybe by using the ArrayCrv command on each part and then intersect or something?
thank you for your reply! :)
Hi NickDK,

There isn't a rollback feature as such but GH is really quick to install so provided you have the installation files, btw Taz has provided the links in his post above, you can switch between them with out any problems. Alternatively there is a way to keep all the older versions in another directory (before installing the latest release move the folder) and before starting GH in a session of Rhino go to the plug-in manager and navigate to the older version.

This last method allows you to have Rhino open multiple times and each have a different version of GH running.
I didn't see the files at first glance! Thanks!! :)

I have now rolled back to version 0.6 but my problems with the waffle system isn't gone, it seems like my shape has to steep curves and this causes issues for the system? It seems like the waffle scripts I have found extrude the waffle parts instead of offsetting them? (see attachement)

I hope someone can help :)
From the image i would say that you have to define the extrusion direction. In your case i think you have to evaluate the surface normals at the waffle strips.
Hello Jerrimo,

Thank you for taking the time to reply,
I'm not sure how to do what you're suggesting, but I have tried to rotate the waffle shape itselt to accomplish something similar but it didn't work. Would your method produce a better result? It seems like my shape would have problems on all sides since the curves are so steep when extrude is used?
I offset'ed the surface into a solid, and it seems to have helped :)
I have created the Waffle system now GREAT :-)

But now i need a good way to create the new notches in each of the sections in one Y direction of the waffle structure (see image)

My plan was to use the ArrayCrv and let the new little 1mm notch follow the 30 curves 1 by 1, and then trim the unwanted lines afterward, but since there's already the 2mm notches this doesn't work so good, does anyone have a better solution?
Thanks again for all your great help!
If you haven't tried it already I made this definition in GH 0.6.0019. It should work with GH 0.6.0059.

It does most of the standard grillage type operations.






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