algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hello, I'm curious if anyone would have any ideas on how to generate a 3D shape from an image file. 

I'm investigating various methods of form-finding and am curious if it would be possible for a shape to come from an image. I'm not looking for it to resemble the image necessarily. Just curious of the possibilities. 


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wow this definitely seems interesting and promising! I've only seen one example definition using it, probably due to its newness. I'll need to improve my grasshopper skills a bit more before I can attempt using this on my own. Thanks!!

Hi Eric, the image sampler can extract several data from an image which you can then use to create your geometry.

This is just an example that creates a grid of points, calculates the image brightness for each corresponding point, raises each point in Z accordingly and creates a surface from these points:


Nikos, thanks for your reply. This is a very helpful definition for what I'm looking to do. For anyone else who might download it, I'll point out to you that the expression (*) attached to the U value of SrfGrid is (U + 1). 

Thanks for the help Nikos!!

p.s. this definition can make some pretty interesting 'martian' landscapes haha.


this is a definition when working with meshes.



Great, thanks Alex. having a mesh compatible version helps a lot.

May I ask a further question, how to generate my head, if I have six photos.






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