algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This is an script I wrote with a custom VB component that aims to perform subdivision of rectangles. Think of Mondrian, perhaps.


The input took the rectangular area as two domain bound, and took the x,y coordinates of the points in that area and performs the subdivision. I guess some of you might be looking for something similar.


The following image is sufficient to explain.



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very nice. you forgot the colors. (:
Love it! a smart guy with a big brain...

токо мозг в жопе

Like it!!


Hello Victor! Your script and output is amazing, but when i am using it in grasshopper, the VB script component shows an error..the smaller subdivisions in the boxes are not visible except the can i solve this?

Hi Akshay. 

I encourage you to try solve it. I'm sorry, I'm really too busy to provide support.

Hey Akshay! Were you able to solve that problem? I am getting the same error.

Hey, I fixed it. There is a little Flatten 1 level component that went obsolete in this new GH version.


Thank you so much Victor. Works perfectly now. !

Hi Victor, I download your script but not works. What do you think I do?





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