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Daily Struggles Only Hermits Can Connect

We live in a world where being an extrovert can be considered a norm, whereas being an introvert is considered as some kind of a disease. So all you introverts out there, don’t feel left out, you are not alone in this.

For understanding purposes, we list down struggles that only introverts will be able to relate to and you may read on to find out what those may be.

The feeling of being under-appreciated

Naturally, introverts don’t talk much. At times you are often perplexed in thinking what you should say while on another occasion you don’t have anything to say. Also, you may feel that you just don’t have the energy to talk. Despite you always want for people to know you better and wish you had the drive to speak more.

In a group, you become invisible under 5 minutes

Often when you enter a group, you try projecting yourself who is both talkative and a people’s person. But then something happens, and you lose interest. Why? Because small talk isn’t your strongest suit. Thus, you can’t add anything more to the conversation and starts to disappear (metaphorically speaking).

You don’t always throw parties at your own house

Although you crave the spotlight, you don’t always welcome people into your humble abode. To you, it is a violation of your privacy. So you don’t, most of the time, throw parties at your place. If a friend tells you that a friend of theirs will be accompanying them, you become anxious but yet admit to saying “Yes”.

In the crowd feel lonely than when you are all by yourself

The classic example of standing in a room full of people but yet the loneliest person in the room. Again, you seek (read crave) deep conversations, but all you get is small talk. You hope someone recognizes you for who you are and engage in a meaningful conversation in the corner of the room.

You get tired when you are in the company of people you hardly know

If this is your first day at the job or the first class of your new semester in your college, by the time it ends, you are completely exhausted. You tell yourself that all I want right now is to get home ASAP and enjoy some alone time. But then the thought creeps in that I should be more outgoing.

So you see, millions of others are going through the same experiences. If you’re wondering how to get dissertation help online UK in this regard, seek help of academic writers.

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Comment by Martin Siegrist on March 19, 2017 at 3:38pm
Thanks, I feel like that very often. Someone said I have tendency to autistic behavior.... sounds like a disease too but then again also Einstein was autistic so it's all good :-)
Comment by ng5 Alex on March 9, 2017 at 5:50am

Hello Luke,

i am getting the "An object expired during a solution" error, while socializing.

please any advice is greatly appreciated.


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