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Brep to Surface / Need to cut holes in surface and it comes out as Brep after lofting

Hello All!

  I need a lot of help, I'm new to GH. I'm in school for architecture and Im struggling with this project. I can get the lofted surface I want and have done some exploring and found some different ways to cut holes into surfaces. But when I loft my surface it come out as a brep instead of a surface. 

  If someone can help me turn it into a surface and then a way to cut holes into it that would be greatly appreciated.

  Just on Rhino create two curves and connect the curves with the script and it should run. 

  Ive tried to explode and get different surfaces from that but nothing is working.


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Comment by Ben Yuqiang on December 7, 2017 at 2:52am

Oh and for cutting holes on that surface, try "copy trim", and you can just trim a flat surface and transform the trim according to the uv from the flat surface to your target surface.

Comment by Ben Yuqiang on December 7, 2017 at 2:47am

Hey, I saw your post and think maybe I can solve this.

The reason lead to the polysrf is just the crvs you used to loft is not 100% smooth.

You just need to add a "Fit crv" right before the final "loft" like below:





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