Bowerbird contains some tools for modeling.

Creates a waffle structure from a volume.

The component can handle multiple holes and is very fast!

Waffle open surfaces quickly e.g. by using the offset or extrude component (see examples).

Creates a slice model from a volume.

You can specify a border to create a hollow. The border defines the minimum overlapping of the parts (e.g. for glue)

Note: BBWaffle and BBSlices support only meshes. I droped Brep support because of the very low performance and stability. Use Grasshoppers mesh tools to generate meshes from Breps (see examples).

Represents text with a single line font for labeling and engraving.

It uses a self made font engine which works very fast and accurate. All characters consist of lines and arcs. No Nurbs, no duplicate curves! Perfect for fabrication!

You can define location, orientation and size of the text. Choose between normal and bold font.

The component supports the following characters:

Basic Latin:

Extended Latin:


Special Characters:

Greek Letters:

Give Python scripts quick access to Bowerbird functions (requires Grasshoppers Python plugin).



Drag the gha file on to your grasshopper window. You will find the new BBText component in the extras tab.

The plugin was build for Rhino 5 and Grasshopper 0.9

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  • TJO

    Oh, I see... I did make a mistake with the font names. Thank you! The bold toggle should now work as expected.

    Feel free to ask for more characters.

    For the parameters I choose the same order as Grasshoppers Text Tag 3D component. Unfortunately changing this order will cause compatibility problems so I will keep the actual order until a major update.

  • HEEN

    Damn I practiced a bit with all the definitions I've got the results, Could you delete the comments to avoid offtopic.
    One more thing, how to control the rotation to get more variation on diamond shape, thanks for answering I am a little noob.

  • TJO

    You can use the base plane parameter to change the direction of the operation. The x/y layers are always orthogonal.

    For the future: Please post your questions in the bowerbird forum instead of the comment wall!