Bowerbird contains some tools for modeling.

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  • Thomas

    You can use the boolean operations of grasshopper to build such things.

    The problem is that they are quite slow/inaccurate. That's why I use meshes and planes to get better results.

    The aim of Bowerbird was to create a tool that allows you to create waffle sturctures rapidly. The components should give you a general solution that works in most cases.

    Of course there are a lot of special cases where you want to have more options or create custom waffle systems. It's impossible for me to integrate them since they probably will work only for specific problems. If the waffle structure itself is part of the design then it should also be the task of the designer to specify these details.

    I add the BBSection component and the boolean operations so that people can create their own systems. Also the source code is public.

    Unfortunately studying keeps me very busy at the moment so I don't manage to improve the pluging an answer to all questions.

    I hope my plugin can still help you sometimes.


    btw: please post such questions in the forum and not on the comment wall

  • martyn hogg

    Are there some rules to follow when using the BBSection tool? i.e. do the section planes need to be positioned in a certain way?

    I only get partial slits, not slits that go half way through each section piece.

  • macuso

    Please add support for RhinoWIP MacOS.