Introducing Selectable Preview (Select GH object in Rhino)

Selectable Preview: Visual and Intuitive Grasshopper Selection

Selectable Preview is a simple component that helps users to select grasshopper geometry in Rhino viewport. While in most other parametric software packages, users can select objects directly in the modeling environment as input, in grasshopper, user can only preview the unselectable geometry. Although this greatly improves the performance of grasshopper, from time to time, users feel the frustration of seeing the geometry but not being able to select it. SelectablePreview is designed for this kind of situation. It not only generates the geometry in rhino, but the outputs of the component also correspond to the selection. Moreover, the selected geometry can be locked within the component for further manipulation.This component hopes to create a more visual and intuitive design experience for grasshopper users.

For Download and Instruction: visit Selectable Preview Component page.

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