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I want optimize cross sections of a dome with cross over elements, but the cross section I want apply to model isn't usual (as you can see in attachment) and the thickness of all parts are variable, how I can make it possible in karamba?(my karamba version is 1.2.2)

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Hi Shabnam,

at the moment (version 1.2.2) Karamb can only handle beams with constant cross section. As a workaround for variable cross sections you could split the beam axes into small segments and then give each segment a different cross section.

For non standard cross sections I recommend this: calculate the cross section properties either by hand or using e.g. INCA2 (see Then select a Karamba cross section that comes close to what you want to have (in your case e.g. an I-profile). Either select its geometric properties such that you get the same area, resistance moments, moments of inertia,... of use 'Modify CrosSecs'-to adjust the values.



Hi Clemens

Thank you for the suggestion, I have one more question, if I use results of INCA2 as input for Modify cross section as you say, can karamba optimize my cross section for the dome structure or the primary cross section will apply to all parts of it?

Best regards,


Hi Shabnam,

you can use such cross sections for optimization (see manual for details).





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