algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This example shows the use of the new user object for origami simulation.

As input you provide a flat mesh of the folding pattern, curves to assign as either mountain or valley folds, target angles, and folding amount, with 0 being flat and 1 being completely folded.

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Hi Daneil,

I use your definition and add string force to it because i want to make the folding surface into a cylinder shape.But the shape doesn't look like so round , so i want to add one more string force after the surface has already been folded, but it doesn't work, the error message is -solution exception.


Hi Daniel Piker,

Great Job actually!! I have tried to run this definition on my machine and it works!But I am experiencing some problems when I tried to apply my customized pattern onto this definition. As shown below, I created a Diamond pattern mesh in Rhino, and defined the mountain and valley lines onto the corresponding components, but the Kangaroo engine seems donot work currently. 

I really appreciate if you could help me.

Or any one facing the same/ similar problem ?   --  Thank you guys in advance!! 

Xu Guang


Use this (attached) definition instead. But I have a question for you: How do you create your own mesh like that? I must be being stupid here but I don't know. Guess I'm still new to Rhino.


Hi Alex,

Thanks very much for your quick replies!

How I created the mesh is to firstly crest basic polylines and then use MeshFromPolylines command in Rhino to translate the polylines into mesh. After that the basic mesh is mirrored and copied, finally I use Join command to join all the objects together.

And also I have tried your definition, but it still doesn't work on my mesh.

So I am thinking about if the Diamond mesh I created is not that perfect. Can you please have a check of my mesh pattern? I'd really appreciate if you could help me for this task. I have tried the MeshPatch command in Rhino to create mesh but it didn't work that well, so I gave up and utilized my own manner lol.

Thanks a lot,



I'm really no expert at all. The definition I gave you is from earlier in this thread hahaha. But you should post the new definition with your mesh so I can see what the error message is. Or someone else can see.

As attached are the definition and the mesh. I have provided those two in my original post lol.

Thanks guys who can help anyway.


applied the script for quad skewed panels but always tilted when skewing despite I applied anchor points..

If anyone know how to fix the tilting ?


Hello ndy,

Did you find a solution for this? I face sort of the same problem now.

Hi Daniel Piker,

First I would like to thank you for this example file. It helped me already a lot! I'm new to Rhino and Grasshopper and I'm trying to use it to build an foldable origami pattern (a quadrangular waterbomb pattern). I managed to build the pattern with several options that can be changed (size, configuration, folding angle). With the help of the example file I'm able to fold it, which is really cool. But I would like to have the full control over the geometry and when I fold it with Kangeroo the spring stiffness and applied forces make the geometry float around. Does anybody know a way how to fold this pattern without the floating around (I already use 1 anchor point) and with full control over the precise folding angle?

Note that I am new to Grasshopper, so I probably made some strange choices, but I tried to explain the different steps in the Grasshopper file.

Thank You!


Hello, I am new to grasshopper, can someone please tell me how to create the mesh required for different variations in this example?


Great, that is very cool!

I am trying to create a mesh of flat folding pattern (as the one in the definition Origami_simplified). However, my objective is to be able to change the size of the single triangle after. (I dont really need to fold the mesh after as in the picture above, but I need the same pattern with modifiable size of the triangles)

I tried to generate the pattern myself but currently no satisfactory result, so any help would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

I am getting a message saying that the force does not have output. Could someone help with that :P




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