algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Here's an example definition showing how to generate a circle packing from an arbitrary triangulation:

as shown here

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Hi Berkhan,
To set the referenced dll, you need to right click the component and choose 'Manage Assemblies'. Then select the location of the KangarooSolver.dll on your computer - something like Program Files>Rhino6>Plugins>Grasshopper>Components

Hi, This is wonderful, but I am having some trouble broadcasting packed circles across a custom shape. I am trying to cover this hand model in packed circles.

If I use the, how do I set up a curve that defines the entire shape of the hand? Should I use a different .gh script? When I try the, the circles do not conform to the surface of the mesh, they all face up.

Any help would be highly appreciated. 

Thanks very much!


You can just remove that goal if you do not require the curve.

If you are using a mesh instead of a surface then the part which draws the circles based on the normals needs to be slightly different.

Attached is a modified definition.


Hello  Daniel !

thank you for great job !

can I ask
is it your code in the video ?

if yes  can you  provide the link where can download this code .
or how to modified your previous code  ( to get results same in video ,
in the video the circles perfectly fit the shape and not intersect each other and no have any untouched space between circles and border , is it possible make same in 3D surface ?

Best  regards !

Hi Daniel;

Could you reload the definition?

I'm trying to download but I'm getting an error message like this :

No se puede acceder a este sitio web

Es posible que la página web*dK20H/ esté temporalmente inactiva o que se haya trasladado definitivamente a otra dirección.







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