algorithmic modeling for Rhino

This time I ask something more difficult.
I have an image formed by the range of colors and I would like to extrapolate the curves that follow the color tones ... how can I do?
This is the image

thanks guys


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I'd try some vectorization program like illustrator...

The color scheme is hard to sort out and the grid confuses the image sampler component so it's hard to extract a height field to begin with.

thanks for the suggestion, however, it's possible to hide the grid and have the image as clean as this.

if you have control over the image, can you apply a different gradient and save in a lossles format such as PNG?

yes,i can save the image in PNG format.

JPG introduces some heavy artefacts, that make isocurve extraction difficult.

Here's a rather dirty shot at the problem.

Height is derived from hue. hue values wrap around halfway through the colors. that's why I had to remap the values to create continuous height values. Sure are better approaches for that.

After creating the height surface, I extract contour curves as a proof of concept. It would be better to intersect the surface only at heights where points were present.


thanks a lot .. this is a good option for plan surfaces ...if I had a three-dimensional surface such as this there would be a way to draw the curves follow the colors?

This is an helicoidal surfaces and the graph with color it's exported by a software FEM for static analysis but I would like to obtain curves that are resistant beams.

This is the surface.


Most FEM software should be able to display results as stress contours.  Is that what you're after?

yes, i need to continuous curves but this software display the results as graphs or vectors indicating the direction of the curves

Looking at the PDFs I can see, they are a very dense set of triangles.

It seems you have access to the program generating the pictures. Can't you export the mesh geometry?

To make analysis in SAP2000 I need a mesh, preferably quad

I create it with rhino and then I import it in Sap2000 ... after the static analysis I can only export data into Excel, or images.

if I want I can see the quad mesh tessellation with the colors or only the colors.


What's the content and data format of the excel file? There are several components that read excel.

You have the original 3d mesh and may have raw data for the mesh. Schould be easy enough to combine those in GH.

All that said, there even is a GH component with ssi that links GH with SAP2000.

I show you what I got to get with Excel data.

Vectors you see indicate the directions of the curves but it is difficult to link them correctly and create continuous curves.

colors can help me the colors but I do not know how to combine the information.







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