algorithmic modeling for Rhino

Hi all,

Having issues copying a brep from one plane to (two)plane(s).

I have a brep I want to copy from the TrunkPlane to  the BranchPlanes:

I am obviusly doing something wrong(Acces the planes in the loop).

Maybe somebody think its worth a look.

Ah, and also the planes are in the wrong place:


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Take a few days rest because the path towards Oblivion is long, hilly (and with no bunnies ...nor sardines).

The Sesame:

On the left there's 666 sardines placed properly in some milliseconds. On the right is some C# that makes 666 tubes trying to give some "illusion" of substance on that recursive line graph.

Compare the times.


well, for exercising the recursion thing, I tried to apply it in a simple example, but probably I did something really stupid and its about Datatrees. I dont get how to build them the order I need.

Grasshopper SDK is now on my bookmarks, didnt expected that many methods!

so maybe you can have a look.

red one is another try but didnt works neither.

thanks and best


What did I said (long time ago) ?? > go for the cash (=> Lambo, NCR Ducati(*), Cigarette 38 TopGun, Lear Jet, etc etc) and forget C#, he he.

(*) ordinary Ducatis are for the peasants.

But if you insist ...


thanks! thought I was close to.

Regards from Mexico Federal District!

And this makes some(?) sense(?) more(?)


is that an Piñata generator?



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